Carbon info

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

Who are we?

We are New Zealand’s largest bulk suppliers of post-1989 carbon credits to the NZ market. To date we have 48,000 hectares of established forests under our carbon lease partnering program with more than 6,000 forest owners. We have paid those forest owners over $30 million in rent.

What do we do?

We buy, lease, and plant trees for carbon credits. We sell these carbon credits to the large energy companies and oil companies who need a bulk supply of carbon credits to meet their legal obligations.

Do you own your own forests?

Yes. We own 17 mid-rotation forests totalling 19,064 hectares and another 6,200 hectares of farmland throughout New Zealand which was planted from 2012.

How do I qualify for your lease program?

To qualify, you must have a first rotation forest of at least 100ha in size planted after 2008. This includes new plantings.

How much can I earn?

We pay a long term guaranteed payment per hectare, per annum. On all leases, we have a sliding scale which peaks at a maximum at year 6, and onwards.

What determines how much can I earn?

The rate we pay is determined on location of the trees with the maximum paid in high growth areas such as Gisborne and Rotorua. We also factor in scale as the larger the forest the better for us.

How long is the lease?

Minimum of 20 years. The lease will expire before you harvest.

What happens about the liability when I harvest the forest?

This is biggest issue regarding our Program. The answer is the liability for ALL carbon claimed stays with us and our Program has been designed to ensure this happens.

Where are you going to get the carbon credits you need to ‘repay’  at the end of my lease?

We have a forest planting program underway which has seen us plant new forests. This began in 2012. The carbon credits from these planted forests will not be sold. Instead, they are saved up each year until the end of your forest lease when they are used to ‘repay’ all carbon credits that have been claimed on your forest. We have a voluntary reporting program in place with MPI which enables them
to monitor our progress towards accumulating the credits we will need to surrender at the end of each forest lease.

Do I still have ownership and possession of the forest?

Yes; we will only need access once a year for a few days.

Do I still maintain the forest?

Yes; its business as usual. You continue to do everything exactly the way you planned. There is no requirement that you continue tending or maintenance if you change your mind.