Earn an income while you watch your trees grow.

We tailor a long term guaranteed payment programme for your forest, and you benefit from the ETS without any downside.


NZ FOREST LEASING - Carbon Lease Program

Our Program pays a long term guaranteed payment, per year, until harvest!

The lease rates are paid on a sliding scale up to the maximum rate from year 6 onwards. This reflects the growth rate of the tree and amount of carbon they produce in the early years. Other determinants are the species, region, length of the lease term, and the size of property.

The NZ FOREST LEASING – Carbon Lease Program is a way for forest and land owners, to share in the benefits of the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) without the downside. This means no change in the day to day operations or harvesting plan, and an annual fixed revenue stream so you know exactly what you are earning from your property every year for the term of the lease.

We take on all the liability to repay the carbon credits at the end of your lease term. To manage that liability, we buy established forests and plant new forests. We have a forest planting program underway which has seen us plant large scale forests since 2012.

Owner benefits

  • Guaranteed annual income per hectare per year!
  • Increased per hectare revenue return from your forest
  • Reduce debt levels
  • Create wealth for future generations
  • Capital value increased

To qualify for the NZ FOREST LEASING - Carbon Lease Program, you must:

  • Be going to plant, or have planted a 1st rotation forest after 2008
  • Size of at least 100 hectares
  • Species of Radiata Pine or Douglas Fur
  • Committed to giving NZ FOREST LEASING a registered lease and no felling for the term of the lease which must be a minimum of 20 years
  • NOTE: The Carbon Lease Program is still available if you own the land but have given a forestry right.

If you are wanting to participate in the NZ FOREST LEASING - Carbon Lease Program, please register your interest in the first instance